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The New Millennium’s
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Age old Problem

The home of the original multiple charity
comedy event fund raising platform

Welcome to Helping Thru Humor, the home of the original multiple charity fund raising platform. This site is the culmination of years of dedication, hard work and the relentless pursuit of inventing a next generation fund raising vehicle. In an age when charities are seeing alarming yearly declines in donations, a fresh approach was desperately needed. This site brings this age old issue into the new era in a cost effective and easy to use way.

How does this work? Simple. We gather multiple like minded charities in any given area and promote to their fan base, families, alumni and friends to log in to watch a comedy show on this site. When they do? They simply click on the CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS link and then choose THEIR CHARITY from the alphabetized list.  Pay with a credit or debit card? And their donation is made. Simple as that!!! This way we can do ONE SHOW and MANY organizations can raise money at the same time!!

We look forward to helping you and your charity raise lots of money!! If interested in scheduling an event, or if you have any further questions about this site or how to run a fund raiser here, please drop us a note or call us. We would be thrilled to talk to you!

This was my main focus initially. Coming up with a way to raise money for the drum corps activity. This initial platform concept was invented so that every corps…regardless of size or competitive ranking… would have the same potential for raising funds as any other.

Once Funny to the Corps was set.. It dawned on me that if I could use this platform for drum corps..I could SURELY employ the same concept for high school and college marching band programs, including indoor guards and winterguards…Thats where this platform will focus its attention.