Helping Thru Humor


The beginnings of this site and fundraising platform goes back to my youth. I was introduced to the trumpet in 3rd grade. I was a natural. Sat first chair from the first day to my last day playing. Youth arts became my home. And thru the years, I became alarmed to learn that scholastic arts budgets were the FIRST budgets to be slashed in times of slow or stressed economic times.

As I grew older and entered high school, we had a competitive marching band. I fell in love with playing all over again, with a new focus and passion. Which led me to the “professional” level of marching bands known as Drum Corps International (DCI.ORG). Astonishingly enough, in 1990 I was actually interviewed for a documentary about drum corps, and my devotion to its economic survival was captured:

This activity would become the center point of my life and passion. There are MANY drum corps of varying sizes all over America as well as the world. Its a very expensive undertaking financed by grants, donations, souvenir sales during the summer but mostly thru member fees. And thru the years those fees for top ranked corps have reached into the thousands of dollars per year. Thats where this idea came from. HOW TO HELP RAISE MONEY FOR EVERY DRUM CORPS AT ONE TIME?

I began writing and submitting business plans and ideas to the head of marketing at Drum Corps International. Idea after idea were deemed good..but not good enough. And after well over 200 attempts, Helping Thru Humors platform was hatched. ONE comedy show via the internet that MULTIPLE organizations could benefit from by merely having their fans, friends, alumni and family log onto from their phones, tablets, smart TVs or computers. At little or no cost to the organizations involved.

And as I worked towards making this a reality for the drum corps activity Ioved…it dawned on me that there were many more ways this platform could be used. There was the high school and college marching bands. There was indoor colorguards and drumlines.. there were MANY large groups of like minded activities and non profit organizations that could benefit from this platform.

Funny to the Corps

This was my main focus initially. Coming up with a way to raise money for the drum corps activity. This initial platform concept was invented so that every corps…regardless of size or competitive ranking… would have the same potential for raising funds as any other.

Band Dough

Once Funny to the Corps was set.. It dawned on me that if I could use this platform for drum corps..I could SURELY employ the same concept for high school and college marching band programs, including indoor guards and winterguards…Thats where this platform will focus its attention.